GPS Tracker Finder – Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Dog Finder Key Locator

$27.70 $24.95

Stay connected with your dog or keep track of your misplaced belongings using our GPS dog tracker! It’s designed to give everyone the peace of mind that they deserve. It features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that consumes lesser power than previous Bluetooth versions.

  • Bluetooth version 4.0 with up to 80 feet connectivity
  • Easy to attach on a wallet, bag, your kid’s necklace or your dog’s collar
  • Shutter control, voice recording, and app control using “iTracing” app
  • Connects up to 10 “iTag” units
  • Easily traces your belongings using the “iTracing” app

Make tracking a lot easier by getting one of this today while it’s on sale!

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